Panel Discussion: Democracy and Citizenship

Oct 19

10:30 am - 11:15 am

University of Virginia, Rotunda, Dome Room

When Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe founded the University, they understood that the new nation needed to educate citizen-leaders for the experiment in self-government to succeed. That founding ambition is as relevant today as it was then. The University’s third century requires us to address persistent challenges to our democratic institutions and practices and seize opportunities to advance our most cherished ideals. This panel will examine pathbreaking scholarship from across the University, with a focus on sustaining and renewing our democracy.


Melody C. Barnes
Co-Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Democracy Initiative; Professor of Practice, the Miller Center and Distinguished Fellow, School of Law


Derrick P. Alridge
Professor, Curry School of Education

Larry J. Sabato
Professor, Director of the Center for Politics

Micah J. Schwartzman
Joseph W. Dorn Research Professor of Law

Martien A. Halvorson-Taylor
Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Co-Director, Religion, Race and Global Democracy Lab, Democracy Initiative

Larry D. Terry II
Executive Director, Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

This panel is one of three 45-minute sessions in the Profiles of Discovery event, part of the inauguration of the University’s ninth President, James E. Ryan.