On May 11, the Religion, Race & Democracy Lab’s documentary God $ Green: An Unholy Alliance was the featured topic on Extinction Rebellion Radio, a program on WBAI 99.5, Pacifica Radio in New York City. Extinction Rebellion Radio is dedicated to covering weekly news and stories on the climate crisis through conversation, interviews and expert perspectives. Their stories focus on our rebellion against the climate crisis with a focus on the systems that have brought us to crisis and the complexities, people, and nuances that exist within them.

Extinction Rebellion’s co-hosts Alcyee Lane and Matthew Kearney sat down with God $ Green‘s director Jeanine Butler and the Lab’s co-director Kurtis Schaeffer to more deeply explore the films guiding questions: When did climate change go from a scientific metric to a political hot potato? And what does God have to do with? Listen to the full interview below.