The story of how potent forces came together to mount an army of climate change skeptics in the name of God, country and capitalism.

Directed and Produced by Jeanine Isabel Butler and Catherine Lynn Butler

A Butlerfilms Production for the Religion, Race & Democracy Lab

In God $ Green: An Unholy Alliance viewers are taken on an eye-opening journey through decades of religious polarization, political propaganda, corporate deal-making, and environmental injustice based on systemic racism. It’s a story often told in light of social and cultural issues. It’s told less so in relation to the biggest crisis facing us today—climate change.

"If there's a lesson in the kind of thing that the film is talking about, I think it's that we should try to develop a politics where we're primarily focused on outcomes, not sides."

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Georgetown University

"When you allow your faith to be used by people with economic interests, wow, does it get corrupted pretty quickly.”

Bob Inglis, Former US Representative R-South Carolina, 4th Congressional District


Additional materials for the press and anyone curious to learn more about the relationship between religion, politics, and climate change.

Meet the Cast

Anthea Butler

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Richard Cizik

President, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good

Darren Dochuk

Andrew V. Tackes College Professor of History, University of Notre Dame

Bob Inglis

Executive Director, and former U.S. Representative, R-South Carolina, 4th Congressional District

Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap

National Organizer and Spokesperson, Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

Joel Salatin

Co-owner, Polyface Farm, Swoope, Virginia

Katherine Stewart


Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Founding Pastor, New Roots AME Church, Dorchester, Massachusetts

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Meet the Crew

Jeanine Butler

Writer, Director, and Producer, Co-founder, Butlerfilms

Catherine Butler

Producer and Archival Research Director, Co-founder, Butlerfilms

Jamie Lee Godfrey

Editor, Art Director, and Motion Graphics

Drew Takahashi

Animation Artist, Funjacket Enterprises

Jason Cordis

Archival Research Assistant

Martien Halvorson-Taylor

Co-Director, Religion, Race & Democracy Lab

Kurtis Schaeffer

Co-Director, Religion, Race & Democracy Lab

Ashley Duffalo

Program and Communications Manager, Religion, Race & Democracy Lab

Emily Gadek

Senior Producer, Religion, Race & Democracy Lab

Erik Patton-Sharpe

Research Assistant, Religion, Race & Democracy Lab