Student Profile

Bremen Donovan

PhD Candidate, Anthropology


Bremen Donovan is a researcher, filmmaker, and multimedia journalist. She has worked in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Haiti, and the United States across a range of journalistic outlets, community organizations, and non-governmental institutions including the Open Society Justice Initiative, Namati: Innovations in Legal Empowerment, Conciliation Resources, the International Rescue Committee, and various UN agencies. Her work, which has been published by The Guardian, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and ABC’s  20/20, among others, often focuses on how ordinary people and communities come to define and pursue justice. Bremen graduated from Brown University and is currently completing a PhD dissertation in anthropology about the use of video to pursue truth claims about policing in the French justice system.



Field Notes: Liberté, Egalité, Contrôle d’Identité

Field Notes: Liberté, Egalité, Contrôle d’Identité

How does France, a country founded on the idea of equality, confront the reality of pervasive discrimination based on race, ethnicity, and religion?