Student Profile

Isaac Barnes May

PhD Candidate, Religious Studies


Isaac Barnes May is a graduate of Earlham College and Harvard Divinity School, and is currently a PhD candidate in the Religious Studies department at the University of Virginia. He specializes in American religious history, focusing on religion and modernity, liberal religion and the religious left. He is particularly interested in the study of pacifism, religion and law and how religious groups respond to the pressures of secularization. His dissertation focuses on changing notions of God and the emergence of nontheistic perspectives within 20th century Unitarianism, Quakerism and Reconstructionist Judaism. Isaac recently was a contributor to The Cambridge Companion to Quakerism, and his research has been published in journals including Peace & Change and Religions.



Desegregating the Dining Hall

Desegregating the Dining Hall

Even behind bars, the conscientious objectors imprisoned at Danbury worked for a more just world